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John MacEnulty's Thoughts On Spirituality

John MacEnulty's Thoughts On Spirituality

It seems like an unspiritual thing to say, but life really is a numbers game. The more chances we take, the more consistently we approach things, the greater the odds of success. It is true of virtually everything, the very principle of procreation itself.

Spirituality is about being able to create the kind of consciousness that can go into the world with full awareness and sustain our efforts to succeed. It is not just an esoteric exercise in obscure spiritual values.

Then again, spirituality deepens our notions of what success might be. It becomes inner peace instead of things. It becomes love rather than control. It becomes wealth of spirit rather than just bank account.

Spirit sees creatively into the essence of things, discovering the third way when the either/or is merely two ways of making a mistake.

But it only does that when we continue to stay awake, pay attention, take the humble responsibility that is needed where we are in the moment. Spirituality is about having the strength to continue when things don't go well. If we quit when things go badly we don't give the numbers a chance to redeem us. If we keep going something good will happen.

Dr. Seuss had over twenty rejections before his first book was published.
There is a spiritual energy in perseverance.

Letting go and letting God is what we do when we have done everything, walked the extra mile, paid our dues in full and then some. Then trust the result to the divine.

Spirituality is the bridge upon which dreams flow into reality.

Go ahead and be a human doing. Act out of spiritual consciousness.

Love flows when I do.

Copyright © 2003 by John MacEnulty
4/10/2003, St. Louis, MO

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